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awesome great sucks using android hate twitter poor happy device maemo worst love gingerbread #fail bad better good nice meego amazing missing looks crap super tweeting #android yay download pretty buy fone browser battery loving update answer apps port computer awful games camera best anyone stuff fail installed game calling holy #maemo broke usb firefox hardware install real htc finally
My beloved #Nokia #N900 USB port finally broke down definitive. Which was to be expected. #fail. Off I go to The Phone House.
Holy crap, the pic I just pasted is crashing #iphones!! Craig get a real phone like a #Nokia #n900 and not an #apple /cc @mightytonka #crash
Finally an app for the awesome #nokia #n900!!!
My Nokia N900 is totally awesome because it have everything i want a Wi-Fi and 3G HSPA and 32GB of Memory and Keyboard Built in .
Test #TweedSuit twitter cliënt on my #Nokia #n900 ... Oh My This Looks Awesome!! :-)
I now have a new problem with my @Nokia N900. This phone has got to be the worst one I have ever had. If only I had gone with an #Android
Got my nokia n900 its a seriously powerful phone :)
today is very bad day some one stole my nokia n900
dis is fkn bs i cant update no apps on my nokia n900. app manager is fukd!!
It is the Nokia N900 my mom bought it for me on my birthday .
9tnurse is calling her phone a stupid phone. It may be some nokia n900 bi too oh
Today I installed Android 'GingerBread' on my Nokia N900. now its a Dual OS Boot phone and I M LOVING IT!! <3
ma anatomy lecturer is rushing me wit his newly bought nokia N900. it nt a bad fone though.
using nokia n900 for last 2 days, using net is awsome but rest of the things r awful
Nokia N900 in QEMU sucks... 5 hours of wasted time. Installing package failed.
BT5 is run on nokia N900. . Its awesome to know. . ! I would like to buy n900, wish i could feel the maemo OS in my hands
First impression of Android on my HTC Sensation: it's all super smooth, super fast and super awesome! My Nokia N900 is going in the bin :)
If anybody give me this answer i we give he or she à Gift of phone NOKIA N900 a new one... The question is 1+1=?
44 FM stations + 3.5G, Pretty Awesome Nokia N900!
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